Formidable e-services delivery

Paas & SaaS delivery

Global service interoperability

Pay-per-use model

For Enterprise

Enterprise-wide or per-business-unit, embed Lequinox API functions in existing and new applications.

Two factor authentication: Includes mobile login/signing.
Multi-Login to an application: Sign information on one device (computer), execute on another device (smartphone).
Privacy & integrity: Where all data and information is protected from alteration and unauthorised view.
Role-based access: Access to information and applications requires the correct authorisation and signing in assigned role.

Enterprise Access

Access Lequinox platform and native products to deliver powerful pay-per-use services.

Lequinox Platform

Offer interoperable trust services, identity management and e-signature, based on Lequinox platform.

Lequinox Products

Access and distribute Lequinox native products as a white brand or customise to meet the client's needs.

Flexible Model

Lequinox is offered as a pay-per-use model. Payment models available per user or per transaction.


Test and secure compliance before integration

Our handy tools identify, implement and test your Lequinox integration, in new or existing applications / services. For larger, more complex integration or development projects, we are on hand to support you.

Lequa Model

Lequa Model 

Advanced legal pre-study performed on an application

Developer Area

Developer Area

How to use the Lequinox API functions.



Sandbox and full Lequinox test environment

Lequinox Connect

Ready to integrate Enterprise Lequinox services?


Lequinox Process Engine

Lequinox Applications

Lequinox Process Engine lets you set up tailored e-signing processes for eletronic documents, files and forms of any type.