Up and running in 5 simple steps

Built to facilitate interoperability between users, systems and legislations, Lequinox platform is easily integrated into existing or new applications via REST API or standard application plug-ins. It's also compatible with other trust service technologies, such as smart cards, Blockchain and more. Try it for yourself, in five simple steps.

Step 1

Register your company and connect roles

Sign up for a Lequinox corporate account, then connect your employees and external stakeholders by creating and assigning delegated roles.

Step 2

Connect your applications and services

Connect your web services or use Lequinox platform native products to protect email communication, site and application login, digital form or document signing, and more.

Step 3

Set up your workflows for compliance

Tailor applications processes to fit your compliance requirements. Set up your identification and reference validation policy, signing and access rules.

Step 4

Setup your archive for storing audit trails

Access your corporate archive storing audit trails. View transaction history by role, application or device, and monitor your processes in real time from Lequinox console.

Step 5

Dashboard and statistic services

Manage your corporate account, and monitor usage, roles, accesses and processes from your dashboard and statistics service.

Get started with Lequinox native products suite

e-Signing solutions for everyday work processes.

Integrate with your applications with ease

Smart functions that integrate easily with your services

Lequinox platform is integrated into other systems through a number of functions that bundle Lequinox Services, enforcing policy compliance requirements in all process steps.

The functions recognise two type of interactions: PDI transactions (related to an Personal Digital Identity client) and CDI transactions (related to Corporate Digital Identity). 


Lequinox Native Products

Designed for everyday business needs, Lequinox applications provide trust services for e-mail communication and document signing processes. They enable participant authentication, advanced electronic signatures, and data and process integrity in most electronic documents and forms requiring legal and compliance assurance.