Role-based, compliant, secure and 100% free

Lequinox® Professional ID is an app allowing you to act in a role for an organisation when interacting digitally with other applications connected to the Lequinox® trust service platform. Unlike other eID solutions, Lequinox Professional ID offers and identification and e-signing that enables organisations to identify employees, clients and external stakeholders based on their organisational roles. Lequinox Professional ID offers role based electronic signing, application access, and organisational archive bringing full traceability and transparency to business actions and content - who did what in what role and when. 


Compliant e-signatures

Sign in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Lequinox ID supports all 4 levels of assurance according to the ISO/IEC 29115 international standard, and can manage both advanced and qualified electronic signatures. Both variants are legally as binding as a handwritten signature.

End-to-end encryption

Everything sent via an application linked to Lequinox ID is handled by point-to-point encryption. Information is encrypted locally via the sender’s device all the way to the recipients, who must verify their identity to access, sign or modify the information.

Two-factor authentication

Lequinox ID works well for two-factor authentication (2FA), which can replace traditional login as username and password. Just as physical ID is demonstrated by signing with a pen, your Lequinox ID can be used to sign in with a pin code or fingerprint. Lequinox ID is free to download.

Lequinox Professional ID

Have you been assigned a role ID?


Lequinox Professional ID

With Lequinox Professional ID, you obtain organisational roles with which you can:
  • Create access and sign in to Lequinox enabled applications
  • Digitally sign files in the applicable role
  • Securely exchange files in Lequinox enabled applications
  • Access irrefutable receipts of all file transactions in which you have taken part.