Lequinox Process Engine for compliant e-signing flows

Reduce admin / archiving costs and close deals faster by letting clients sign documents from any device - with the legality, security and traceability needed for professional transactions. Whether a report, contract or agreement, LPE sends any file type for formal signing, based on your workflow and using advanced e-signature with verified roles. LPE modules make it easy to integrate the signing processes in Webforms, MS Word and more.

Customised signing workflows

Setting signing processes has never been simpler. Tailor to meet your requirements, using features like sequential and group signing.

Webforms and MS macro

Connect your LPE signing processes to webform and MS word modules, compose web forms and word documents, and push for formal signing using pre-set flows.

Lequinox Process Engine for compliant e-signing flows

Compliant e-signatures

Senders and receivers sign messages and documents (privately or in a delegated role) with advanced e-signatures that are eIDAS and GDPR compliant.

Process monitoring and archiving

Identify who created, signed, or opened a document, and hold non-refutable proof that can be used for compliance audits.

Automate document e-signing processes

Automate document e-signing processes

• Prepare and upload files of any type
• Define a signing flow to meet your process requirements, add signing steps, groups and participants 
Customise signing flow properties with additional options such as time lock and notifications
Easily invite participants in your address list
Monitor your process in real time (not received, received, opened, rejected or signed) 
Hold an archive for future audits of completed processes
• Connect LPE application modules to create webforms and MS word documents

LPE Modules - documents and forms with
more compliant, secure e-signing processes


An LPE module

Build webforms and send them for formal signing using pre-set processes. Users can connect each form to a pre-defined process and set up additional bespoke policies; for example, allowing external recipients or public access to webforms. 

MS Word Macro

MS Word Macro
An LPE module 

Create, publish and distribute MS Word documents for signing using pre-set processes.The MS Word Macro can be inserted easily into any MS Word document and configured to connect to the desired pre-set process in LPE.

Empower your e-signing processes

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Lequinox powered products

Role-based ID and legal e-Signatures
Corporate ID and policy-led interactions
Archiving and end-to-end encryption
Full mobility and legal interoperability