Your role-based digital identity.

Unlike other eID solutions, Meaplus is relational, reflecting real-life roles (private, employee, board member, etc.).
The more roles and references connected to it, the stronger Meaplus ID becomes.

Identify in roles, get verified with references

An identity becomes stronger as more relationships are connected to it. Each relationship/reference provides information confirming address, age, nationality, employer etc.

Your role-based digital identity

Access receipts from a private digital archive

Each time users interact via their Meaplus ID, a digital receipt is stored in their private archive in Meaplus CLOUD. The private archive is vendor agnostic and independent of other services.

Compliant, secure and 100% free

Meaplus ID users can securely connect to applications, electronically sign documents and files in their private and professional roles, or represent an organization or another person with a digital power of attorney - completely for free.


Compliant e-signatures

Sign in accordance with applicable laws and regulations . Meaplus ID supports all 4 levels of assurance according to the ISO/IEC 29115 international standard, and can manage both advanced and qualified electronic signatures. Both variants are legally as binding as a handwritten signature.

End-to-end encryption

Everything sent via an application linked to Meaplus ID is handled by point-to-point encryption. Information is encrypted locally via the sender’s device all the way to the recipients, who must verify their identity to access, sign or modify the information.

Two-factor authentication

Meaplus ID works well for two-factor authentication (2FA), which can replace traditional login as username and password. Just as physical ID is demonstrated by signing with a pen, your Meaplus ID can be used to sign in with a pin code or fingerprint. Meaplus ID is free to download.

Digital Identity

Digital identity - verified by relationships and owned / controlled by the user

• Verified ID with relationships and references
• Digital history and signed documents stored in the personal archive
Switch between various roles to digitally represent a company or organization
Works across borders with Lequinox decentralised policy-driven infrastructure
Free for the user with a private mailbox for privacy-protected information

Empower your digital identity

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Lequinox Process Engine

Lequinox Applications

Lequinox Process Engine lets you set up tailored e-signing processes for eletronic documents, files and forms of any type.