MS Word Module (LPE)

MS Word Macro triggers the LPE signing process from an MS Word document that needs an e-signature. It distributes it (in a secure end-to-end encrypted consignment) to verified role IDs to digitally sign according to your process flow. Each document can be connected to a pre-defined signing process on LPE and can be customised with additional feautures such as time locking, monitoring by recipients and more.

Smarter MS Wordwith signing processes

MS Word Macro triggers secure e-signing consignments through LPE. Monitor signing processes in real time and access the archive.

Drastically reducesigning lead time

Fully digitalise the document signing process, reduce process lead time and enable faster collaboration with your stakeholders.

MS Word Module (LPE)

Verified IDs and legal e-signatures

Senders and receivers sign documents with verified roles and advanced e-signatures (compliant with eIDAS and GDPR requirements).

Reduce admin costs

LPE MS Word eliminates costs related to administation, files and documents postage, as well as archiving and storage.

Compliant e-signed MS Word documents at the click of a button

Compliant e-signed MS Word documents at the click of a button

• Compose your documents as usual and insert MS Word Macro
Push for e-signing on Lequinox Process Engine (LPE) and connect a signing process or set a new one 
Publish your document, send for e-signing and monitor the process
Update your document signing process and policies in real time

Empower your document e-signing

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Connected Lequinox process engine (LPE)

Connected Lequinox process engine

Lequinox Process engine
Document signing with process compliance

Set up bespoke e-signing processes and send digital files and documents for formal signing using advanced, qualified e-signature and verified roles. LPE modules integrate the signing processes in webforms, MS Word and more.

Lequinox powered products

Role-based ID and legal e-Signatures
Corporate ID and policy-led interactions
Archiving and end-to-end encryption
Full mobility and legal interoperability


Safer, more secure email communications

Mailplus enables email clients to securely exchange confidential information and maintain transparency and traceability in all electronic communication, while creating proof of who did what, in what role and when.