Automating cyber-resilience at application level

Lequinox trust services support any digital process. Our applications enable security, traceability and compliance in the most basic business tasks: email communication, e-signing processes, and form capture and validation. The same functionalities can be integrated to meet specific industry needs in any existing application service, such as electronic patient journal handling, public procurement and financial reporting.


Lequinox Native Applications

Lequinox native products integrate identity verification, advanced digital signatures, policy validation, end-to-end encryption and real-time notarising.

With a unique transaction receipt accessible to all participants, users can trace any process and obtain proof of who did what, when and with whom. Lequinox native applications can be rebranded to suit your company image and streamline your customers' experience.

Partner Solutions

Partner Solutions

Trace & Interoc success story

Independent Service Vendors can tailor framework applications to meet the specific needs of industries such as DigiSign Diary.

DigiSign Diary is a smart application developed by our partner Trace AB with solutions for construction sites. The application fully digitalises the daily site journal, letting site managers reduce capture lead times by 60%. By connecting stakeholders in real time it facilitates project monitoring, prevents deviances, and automates regulatory compliance. 

Integrate with your applications with ease

Integrate with your applications with ease

Lequinox REST API

Lequinox Platform is integrated into other systems through a number of functions that bundle Lequinox Services to enforce policy compliance requirements in all process steps.

The functions recognise two type of interactions: PDI transaction, related to an Personal Digital Identity client and CDI transactions, related to Corporate Digital Identity. 

Lequinox powered products

Role-based ID and legal e-Signatures
Corporate ID and policy-led interactions
Archiving and end-to-end encryption
Full mobility and legal interoperability
Connect to Cloud

Connect to Cloud28+ and find applications and services connected to Lequinox trust service platform.