Digital services with complete legal assurance

With Lequinox platform, companies and governments can unlock the full power of digital transformation and IoT. By streamlining digital service delivery with an interoperable decentralised solution, Lequinox ensures both security and end-to-end compliance. Interoperability challenges are addressed with a policy compliance approach, and service providers can easily invite, reference and validate new users, or interact with current users and organisations under different legislations; all whilst ensuring total security, compliance and traceability. 

Empowering Business

Lequinox trust service platform is tailored to the needs of various verticals, helping organisations ensure traceability and compliance, streamline service delivery, and minimise cross-border barriers.

Transforming Technology

The Lequinox trust service platform harnesses the possibilities offered by technologies like Blockchain, IoT and AI, without trade-offs to security, interoperability or legal assurance.

Connect to Cloud

Connect to Cloud28+ and find applications and services connected to Lequinox trust service platform.