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The Lequinox trust service platform empowers old and new technologies with electronic signatures, time stamps and other powerful trust services. Delivered as a hybrid solution / plug-in to local or web applications, it creates the internet of things (IoT), responsible users, protected assets, and traceable processes. Resolve your security and interoperability challenges and take service delivery further, across multiple platforms.

Better Blockchain security

Better Blockchain security 

Blockchain technology allows verifying content with a hash (and verifying the hash towards multiple sources), but does not provide information as to who signed a transaction and who is permitted to access the content.

The Lequinox trust service platform creates a permissioned blockchain type capability.

A more accountable  Internet of Things

A more accountable
Internet of Things

When you connect Lequinox platform trust services to an IoT platform, it means that the connected devices act in a role provided by the platform owner (just like people working act on behalf of the organisation). Both staff and devices can sign in the process, which creates accountability and helps meet compliance requirements.

More responsible  Artificial Intelligence

More responsible
Artificial Intelligence

The Lequinox trust service platform enables AI applications to act under company policies and sign interactions on behalf of the owner, with binding effect.


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Lequinox Process Engine

Lequinox Applications

Lequinox Process Engine lets you set up tailored e-signing processes for eletronic documents, files and forms of any type.