Decentralised, peer-to-peer and cloud-native trust service platform

Lequinox trust service platform provides a comprehensive peer-to-peer solution for identity management and electronic signatures, creating irrefutable audit trails for all parties, organisations and individuals. Unlike other e-signature and identity management solutions, it lets organisations authenticate users through references under a policy framework, enabling legal interoperabilty for global services.

Unique Corporate Digital Identity

Every organisation has a unique Corporate Digital Identity (CDI) enabling administrators to manage corporate roles, applications services and devices. The CDI secures legitimate accesses to company resources, and ensures IP protection and compliance to process policies.

Decentralised and adaptable to any ID scheme

Lequinox platform creates accesses and validation policies for internal and external roles to interact in one single application (in compliance to applicable policy requirements), regardless of the legislation, ID scheme or CA structure used by the organisation.

Mobile Role-based Personal Digital Identity (PDI)

The organisation assigns roles to its employees and stakeholders and requires reference policy validation to authenticate its users. The PDI lets users access designated services, electronically sign using their assigned role, and act as defined by the pre-set process policy.

Distributed archiving and statistics service

Every transaction is signed, locally encrypted and time-stamped, and any alteration is traceable. An encrypted transaction log provides information about who did what, in what role, with whom and when; enabling organisations to prove compliance at any point.

Digitalise processes with complete legal assurance

Exchange critical information in-real time while ensuring that compliance requirements are met, ownership rights are preserved, responsibilities are clear and all actions are traceable.

Role-based verified identities

One identity. Many roles.
To act on behalf of a legal entity, an employee, IoT device or application is assigned a delegated role with specific rights.

Roles and legal responsibilities
Users can sign files in their professional role, proving they have the right to represent the organisation.

Compliant transactions

Reference policy validation
An application owner can set up multiple reference policy templates with various attributes, depending on process compliance requirements. 

Policy based interoperability
Access to information or a process is based on role and policy validation, enabling a compliance-based approach to security and interoperability.

Secure, real-time notorised processes

Integrity and traceability
Every transaction is signed by authenticated parties, locally encrypted and time-stamped. An encrypted transaction log, proving who did what, in what role, when and with whom, is available to all parties.

e-IDAS & GDPR compliance
Lequinox platform uses advanced or qualified electronic signatures as required by e-IDAS and other legislation. It also proves that users fulfill GDPR requirements.

Empowered Products

Empowered Products

Secure role-based email communication and compliance in the document e-signing processes.


Everyday business

Everyday process

All Lequinox-empowered products apply four mandatory services to every interaction: sign, encrypt, timestamp and notarise. Other trust services can be added to tailor the interaction process, with options such as: multisign, monitor status, revoke and time lock (from, to or interval).

How to get started using Lequinox platform

Empower your applications and services in 5 simple steps.

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